Nose to Tail Eating, Fergus Henderson

Now, it was apparantly Fergus Henderson that re-started it all. It is him that we have to thank for our newly enlightened approach to eating meat…

… and for St John.

The book is an unpretentious, un-cluttered compendium of cooking ‘the whole beast’ and enjoying it. The author is the founding Chef of the uncluttered but only relativly unpretentios St John restaurant in Clerkenwell, London.

Both are strongly recomended.


Meat, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

I‘m not sure I can do this justice.

I haven’t read any of Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall’s work before but I understand that he is strongly opinionated. And, if this book is representative, highly enlightened.

If you are genuinly interested in meat – not just cooking and/or eating it, but in animal husbandry, slaughtering and butchering, and, most interestingly, the moral arguments for meat – then get hold of a copy of this. It is genuinly eye opening and I intend to make it compulsory reading for all members of the club.